Tony Cookson
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Welcome to my site. 

I am a graduate student in the Economics Department at University of Chicago.  My academic interests are applying economics to real-world problems.  I wrote my master's thesis on underdevelopment on American Indian reservations.  I am also working on other applied economics projects, including estimating the costs of wildfires in Montana and assessing farmers' incentives under American crop insurance programs.

Deep down, I love economics and applying economic thought to everyday life.  That's why I recently started This Young Economist, a blog about applying economics to daily life (link here).  In my blog, I have written on topics ranging from price discrimination at department stores to sales taxes in Chicago to what economic thought has to say about legalizing marijuana to metaphors of our houseplant and the economy.

Some of my past affiliations

Montana State University

Department of Economics
- B.S Economics (2004)
- M.S. Applied Economics (2006)
- Adjunct Professor (2008), teaching Econ201

Department of Mathematical Sciences
- M.S. Statistics (2008)

Property and Environment Research Center
Research Assistant (2002 -- 2004)
Graduate Fellow (2006)

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